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"Sufal Bangla" an initiative of the Govt of West Bengal under Inspiration and guidance of the Hon'ble Chief Minister MamataBannerjee, has been launched for the benefit of the people to ensure fresh vegetables at reasonable price at the their door step.

Sufal Bangla, a competitive retail daily use prime vegetable outlet - is significantly important for ensuring food and nutritional security for the hundreds of millions of people that still live below the poverty line in our state besides it also help for raising rural incomes and generating millions of on-farm and non-farm employment opportunities, eradication poverty and usher in a prosperity movement throughout beautiful rural Bengal.

Sufal Bangla project commenced through selling vegetables (Potato and Onion) in mobile van at 14 outlets on and from 29th September 2014, since then the operation carried on uninterrupted, though there were a number of Major Festivals like Durgapuja, Kalipuja, Eid etc. were celebrated during that period.

Initially the vegetables were procured only from Koley Market, however, now some farmers surrounding Singur in Hooghly District have been supplying fresh vegetables at Tapasi Mallick SingurKrishak Bazaar.

Sufal Bangla is also making fruit producer's retail market competitive. Different Hubs at various Agro Climatic Zones of West Bengal will be set in motion for procurement of fruits at different seasons in future days.

However, so far Dumps is concerned, it is an inevitable part of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables trade. Managing Dump efficiently is a part and parcel of the trade which is done in this project very proficiently.

The project also aims to provide benefits to the farmer through arrangement of procurement by the Government. Another aspect of this initiative is to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed who would be associated with this programme.

Kolkata Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Project was initiated in Kolkata and its suburb as Sufal Bangla in September 2014. Paschim Bangla Agri Marketing Corporation Limited was declared as the Nodal Agency of the project.

Basic objectives of this project are 1) to help the farmer's get premium price and have rational share in consumer's price, 2) To supply quality produce at less retail price and have rational share in consumer's price and 3) Make fruit and vegetable producer's retail market competitive.

In the short run, the project aims at implementing a model of 'SAFAL' in a small domain and modify the model through Trial and error and made adoptable to the local condition of the state.
Last updated on: Monday, 2nd May, 2022
Information Source: Department of Information & Cultural Affairs(I&CA), Government of West Bengal
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